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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains typical questions and answers regarding the C++ Templates, 2nd Edition
by David Vandevoorde, Nicolai M. Josuttis, and Douglas Gregor .

"David" vs. "Daveed"

Q: Why is the first name of Vandevoorde sometimes "David" and sometimes "Daveed"

A: The official spelling of his first name is "David" but because his native language is French, the pronounciation is closer to how "Daveed" is pronounced in English. Some friends of Vandevoorde started using the "Daveed" spelling in the early nineties and he has kept that spelling for informal writing.

Pronounciation of Josuttis

Q: How can I pronounce your last name, Josuttis?

A: I am not familiar with phonetic symbols, but I can describe it by comparing the letters with common English words:
J, like "yes" without "es"
o, like "open" without "pen"
s, like "has" without "ha" (not the sharp form of "s")
u, like "to" without "t"
tt, like "but" without "bu"
is, like the word "is"

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